Wine barrel side table. 

  • Dimensions:  22" H X  20-22" W X 20-22" D (10cm H X  86-91cm W X 18-23cm D) *
  • Sanded and finished, Medium Walnut tone
  • Silver or black metal hoops available
  • The top may display cooperage/winery marks (not guaranteed)

This handmade product is proudly  and finely crafted for you by Wine Barrel Craft. It is made entirely from retired wine barrels and is a true green product. It has been sanded, stained and coated with premium penetrating oil finish to enhance the beauty of the wood and provide you with years of enjoyment.

As this item is made from retired wine barrels and no two barrels are identical, exact dimensions and appearance will vary slightly.

Wine Barrel Table

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  • CAD360.00

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